Debunking the Curse

The legend of The Crying Boy survived into the Internet age, with many articles surrounding its mystery published in online blogs and news portals. Academic studies were also done to know more about the painting, and the phenomenon of the widespread panic that ensued after The Sun’s first article. In fact, an average person can even purchase his own copy of the painting using Aliexpress coupon and promo codes online.

burning House

Statement of the Fire Brigade

Chief Divisional Officer Mick Riley issued a statement which declared that a large number of the prints had been sold, but any connection with the fires is purely coincidental. The fires were not started by the pictures or coincidence, but through“careless acts and omissions.”The office also revealed the the fire brigade’s own theory: “The reason why this picture has not always been destroyed in the fire is because it is printed on high density hardboard, which is very difficult to ignite.”

However, the Fire Service’s statement failed to have its intended effect and did not calm public panic. This might have been due to The Sun’s widespread influence on its readers, and the lack of mobile technology right now which relies on yallo aufladen. Unlike today where stories and news can easily be debunked and proven, the public were considerably more dependent on the information released by traditional media outlets like The Sun.

Punt PI

wall frame In 2010, a BBC radio presenter and comedian, Steve Punt, tried to burn The Crying Boy on his show, Punt PI. This demonstration was filmed and published on YouTube. The comedian set fire to the painting, however, the flames would not spread. He concluded that the painting was covered in some kind of fire-retardant coating, the same kind of coating that you could find in a lot of modern fire-resistant gear and equipment which you can easily purchase with an Underarmor promo code or my girl dress promotional code from online stores.

Punt also asserted that the string holding the painting to the wall would be the first to burn in a fire, leading the painting to land face down on the floor. This also explained is how it was protected from being burned by a fire.

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